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3 v '.? n * '* - * r i'ctt FOR TT ^CI^T'Iigiil ON -U33IAII r ~i F q fs ^ tr v C ^ V I. Papers of Identity _bQ, a?a?spqk-v Since the nee ting of the Conference of Government Representatives on August 22nd - 24to, some Governments have been eon-tilted -itfi xtrtsrc to tlfc ffifc lm ' w w eetoè. wi'4i pe[ibjf)üï*'^^^ï~';cussed. - fa- l,.- -r:lii il'nr iniirr. As the resu lt of these conversations^it jppears highly desirable that some satisfactory scheme emi-be devised -for supplying papers of_w entity to'those refugees who are p r e v e n t e ^ r i a o k of passports from tra v ellin g ans/ïinding employment ^ J t is understood hl"ii the ,al view of a passport taken,^f or example, oy the B ritish Government]7 Is th a t a passport Is merely a guarantee to the B ritish Government from some authority whom I t knovg and tru s ts th a t the person bearing the PJ^pm \t_ds the in d iv idualjle claims to Recognition ti^h paseiport does not^nvolve p o litic a l jjaicrtii nn- whats =ver. There would, therefore, he no p o litic a l d iffic u lty in the acceptance hy the B ritish Sovernment of papers of id e n tity supplied by the High Commissioner of the League,providing these papers were prepared in some way ~Mch gave reasonable eruarantees th a t the hearers of them were the indlvlduals^they represented themselves to be. 2. The following Is s tentative suggestion as to the machinery by^whi dh the Hi^h Commissioner mi ht sup ly papers of id e n tity, for example, in Constantin o * should invite one or more of the are at Powers "represented in Corvt:ntinople to lend him the- services of one