Amulet - danger! danger! - Märvel - nur für starke nerven!

After some touring inside, Tolfdir will ask the Dragonborn to find Arniel Gane (one can simply run ahead to the quest marker and speak to Arniel without waiting for Tolfdir).

One side of the amulet has several images, including a bandaged mummy (likely representing the Egyptian god Osiris ) lying on a boat and an image of Harpocrates, the god of silence, who is shown sitting on a stool while holding his right hand up to his lips. Strangely, the amulet also displays a mythical dog-headed creature called a cynocephalus, which is shown holding a paw up to its lips, as if mimicking Harpocrates' gesture. [ The 7 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds on Earth ]

Amulet - Danger! Danger!Amulet - Danger! Danger!Amulet - Danger! Danger!Amulet - Danger! Danger!